Camping in Interlaken

Camping in Interlaken

After really enjoying our first weekend camping with our Defender, we decided to head out again the next weekend. Is time, we decided to go somewhere a bit closer to home and stay in Switzerland. We headed out Friday evening after work and drove toward Interlaken for Manor Farm camping.

We arrived late around 9 pm, but had spoken to the campsite ahead of time and were told we could just pick a spot and register in the morning. We were able to get a spot along the lake with a great view of the mountains. This was our second trip with our new roof tent and we were really thankful we chose the specific tent we did because the set up was so much easier than with a traditional tent!

Camping in Interlaken

After registering at the campsite in the morning, we enjoyed a quiet breakfast with a relaxing morning reading. Later in the day, we headed into Interlaken for some shopping. Back at camp, we enjoyed a few games of bocce ball before having a fondue dinner.

Camping in Interlaken

We headed home around mid-morning and decided to take the scenic route. This was one of my favorite drives we have ever done in Switzerland. It was really beautiful! We started by driving along the lake on the opposite side from the highway. In Thun, we connected with Route 11 and followed that through some amazing pastoral and quintessentially Swiss mountain valleys. The views were amazing and there were plenty of little towns to stop at along the way for some fun local color. At Lac Leman (Lake Geneva), we took the Route 1 ( Route de Suisse) home along the lake. This is also a beautiful drive through the UNESCO World Heritage Lavaux Vineyards.

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