Portugal: Lagos and the Algarve

Last week, I shared the first half of our trip to Portugal. This week, I’ll continue the story of our trip. When I left off, we had just finished up our visit to Sintra and were on our way to pick up our rental car. We’ve rented cars several times in Europe and the US and our experience picking up a rental car at the Lisbon airport was by far the worst rental car experience Continue Reading →

Portugal: Lisbon and Sintra

Lisbon and Sintra

The week before last, Ryan had a meeting in Lisbon so we decided to make a vacation out of it. After we made the decision to visit Portugal, we realized we didn’t really know all that much about the country; so we did some research. Portugal used to be a very powerful country with many colonies, including Brazil and parts of India, along with a whole bunch of other colonies. After learning a bit about Continue Reading →