Visiting Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

As I mentioned last week, we recently visited Sweden. We “sandwhiched” our trip with visits to Stockholm at the beginning and the end with a trip across the country to Trollhattan in the middle. Last week, I shared our trip to Trollhattan and this week, I share our visit to Stockholm. We left early Friday morning on a 6:30 am flight from Geneva to Stockholm. This was our first trip with Easy Jet and it Continue Reading →

Saab Festival in Trollhattan Sweden

Saab Festival in Trollhattan

Some of my readers might be a little surprised by the title of this post. Well, for those of you who don’t know, my husband and I are into cars, and Saabs in particular. We started out with his college car, which happened to be a Saab and soon found ourselves purchasing two more Saabs. One of those purchases happened to be for our honeymoon and an amazing cross-country trip (see my post about our Continue Reading →