Camping in Interlaken

Camping in Interlaken

After really enjoying our first weekend camping with our Defender, we decided to head out again the next weekend. Is time, we decided to go somewhere a bit closer to home and stay in Switzerland. We headed out Friday evening after work and drove toward Interlaken for Manor Farm camping. We arrived late around 9 pm, but had spoken to the campsite ahead of time and were told we could just pick a spot and Continue Reading →

The Matterhorn

The Matterhorn & Zermatt

I know you all are probably excited to hear about my trip to Spain, but we’ve only just gotten back and I haven’t quite had time to process everything we saw and did yet, let alone sort through all the photos we took! You may remember that a couple of weeks back (before my vacation) I wrote about our trip to Lake Maggiore and the Borromean Islands in Italy. Well, on our way home from Continue Reading →

A Quick Trip to Thun and Interlaken

Thun & Interlaken

This past weekend, my sister-in-law was in town and we wanted to take her somewhere scenic that wasn’t too far away. We were also looking for a trip we hadn’t done before. We had a bit of trouble picking a place because the Montreux Jazz Festival was going on and we weren’t planning on attending, so we wanted to miss any traffic and any crowds nearby. After some debate about what our best options would Continue Reading →

Sunday Drive Near Saint-Cergue

A Sunday Drive Near St Cergue

This past weekend, we decided to go out for a Sunday drive in the Jura Mountains near Saint-Cergue, Switzerland. Saint-Cergue is a popular ski spot in the winter and has some beautiful forest nearby. See the map below for our route: View Larger Map We started out driving up toward Bois Badis d’en Bas. The route took us right along the border between Switzerland and France. Next, we headed back down the mountain and over Continue Reading →

La Maison Cailler: Switzerland’s Oldest Chocolate

La Maison Cailler

There are a few things Switzerland is known for and chocolate is one of them. We’ve certainly enjoyed trying all the Swiss chocolate brands we come across. Cailler is one of those brands. They are the oldest Swiss chocolate brand still in existence, and the first brand to produce milk chocolate. Today, they are owned by Nestle, but you can still visit the Cailler factory in Broc, Switzerland. So, one Sunday we recently hopped in Continue Reading →

Gruyeres Switzeland: Home of Gruyere Cheese

Gruyeres, Switzerland

I love cheese. In fact, I love it so much that we even served mac and cheese at our wedding. Since cheese is one of the things Switzerland is known for, its one of the things i was most looking forward to about our move. When we started looking at a map of Switzerland more closely and making a list of places to visit, Gruyeres was on my list! As you may have guessed from Continue Reading →

Visiting Geneva, Switzerland: a First Look

Geneva, a First Look

Exploring my New Home of Geneva for the First Time We have finally arrived in Geneva! Its been a hectic last few weeks leading up to the move, but we made it. These first several days, we are in a hotel until we can leave into our apartment. One of the biggest adjustments for me (apart from living in another country) has been figuring out what to do all day since I don’t have a job Continue Reading →

Nyon, Switzerland

Nyon, Switzerland

Part 2 of Our House-Hunting Trip Last week I posted about the first part of our trip to Swtizerland to find a place to live. Here is part two: Part way through our week in Switzerland, we moved from our hotel in Montreux to Nyon. Nyon is much closer to Geneva- only about 15 minutes by train and not much longer by car compared to Montreux, which was an hour away. Just like Montreux, Nyon Continue Reading →

Visiting Montreux Switzerland

Montreux, Switzerland

Part 1 of Our House-hunting Trip With less than a month to go until our big move to Switzerland, my husband and I were over there last week to look for a place to live. While we were there, we got a chance to do a bit of sight-seeing in Montreux. There are a few things to know about visiting Switzerland if you’ve never been. First, don’t assume everyone will speak German or English. Switzerland Continue Reading →