Los Angeles to Boston Road Trip

As you may have read on my About Caroline page, my husband and I took a cross-country road trip for our honeymoon. We really enjoyed the trip and many of my friends and co-workers have asked me what our itinerary was and what our favorite stops were, etc. So, I decided to pull out our itinerary and share it with you.

LA to Boston Road Trip

Our trip was a total of 10 days and it all started because we were shopping around for a classic Saab 900 convertible. It turns out, they are a lot less expensive and rust-free if you buy them out west compared to buying them in New England. So, we decided to make a cross-country trip out of our car purchase and see the Grand Canyon and many other places we had both always wanted to see.

LA to Boston Road Trip

My husband was in charge of finding the car and a mechanic to look it over before we arrived to start our trip. We definitely didn’t want the car breaking down on us and how else could we be sure it was ok considering we were buying it sight unseen?

LA to Boston Road Trip

I was in charge of figuring out our itinerary. We started by searching the National Park Service website to find possible stops. We also had a few places we definitely wanted to see- the Grand Canyon, the Four Corners, Monument Valley, and I wanted to see a cliff dwelling. We also set the rule that we wouldn’t drive more than 8 hours in any one day. I saved all the possible stops to a Google map and then started playing with the route and order of the stops. I ended up with two possible routes with the same overnight stops. We actually brought both of these itineraries along with us and decided which to take along the way. We ended up following just one the whole way. Download our itinerary here: Los Angeles to Boston Road Trip Itinerary.

Our Itinerary on Google Maps

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For each stop, especially the National Parks, I carefully researched what the recommended things to do were. I was also mindful of how difficult they would be, the elevation change of hiking trails, and how long it would take. I compiled all this information into a spreadsheet for each stop. When we arrived at the National Park, we would pull out the spreadsheet and decide what to see based on the list. This ended up working out really well because we could easily change our minds about what we wanted to see and do at each park and still have all the information.

LA to Boston Road Trip

Download Our Park Itineraries:
Zion National Park
Grand Canyon National Park
Mesa Verde National Park
Great Sand Dunes National Park

I would say that of all the places we stopped, Zion National Park in Utah was our favorite. It was beautiful and relaxing. This may seem a bit surprising, considering we also stopped at the Grand Canyon, but the Grand Canyon was just far too busy and crowded. It turns out that a lot of tour bus companies offer day trips to the Grand Canyon, so it gets very busy. We enjoyed the Grand Canyon best very early in the morning on our way out when we stopped at various scenic overlooks and there was no one around but us. The Great Sand Dunes was also a lot of fun. We ended up with an amazing campsite with an unobstructed view of the dunes and the sunset was just spectacular!

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3 Replies to “Los Angeles to Boston Road Trip”

  1. My parents used to take us on trips and somehow my mom did all this type of research without the internet (way back in the 80’s). It takes time, but I see is so worth it to have a really great trip.

    I think everyone talks about a cross country trip–but how many people really go out and do it? So awesome!

    • My parents took us kids on trips when I was growing up, but mainly on the East Coast. My husband and I had both always wanted to do a cross country road trip and we were really glad we did! All the research is definitely worth it to have a great trip that fits your travel style and is relaxing rather than stressful.

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