A Weekend in the French Riviera and Monaco

Its been a while since I’ve posted but we’ve been traveling a lot and I’ve just started working. So I’ve decided to try to post shorter stories of our travels. I’ll work in some posts of the rest of our Christmas road trip and our trip to Australia back in October along the way.

Recently, we purchased a 1988 Land Rover 90 V8 petrol, more commonly known as a Defender. We have wanted one of these cars for quite some time, but they were just too expensive in the US. We finally had the opportunity to purchase one in Switzerland and we love it!

Our 1988 Land Rover 90

Shortly after purchasing the car, we bought a roof tent for it and decided we had to try it out. Since the weather was so nice, we decided to head down to the French Riviera to enjoy the sun and the beach in the off season.

It was a pleasant drive on the highway down from Geneva through Provence and through Sant Tropez to our campsite just a few kilometers outside of town. We stayed Camping du Domaine and really liked it. Since its just the beginning of the camping season and still in the off season, we were able to get a spot right on the beach.

At Camp du Domain near Saint-Tropez

The view was great and we spent a lazy afternoon relaxing at the beach. Our first night in the new tent was great too and we loved the mattress and built in ventilation fan to prevent condensation.

In the morning, we headed off for a scenic drive along the Three Corniches toward Monaco. We took the Middle Corniche until Eze and the. Switched to the High Corniche before dropping down to Monaco. The views were great, but some of the turns were a little tight for the 90 and the road was pretty crowded with tourists.

Driving the Three Corniches in the French Riviera

In Monaco, we didn’t stay long and just had a nice drive through Monte Carlo and along part of the F1 track. After that, we headed back home through Italy and the Mont Blanc tunnel since we had to make it to work in the morning.

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  1. Hi Carol
    I’ve been subscribed to your blog for ages. Did we do French together at the Migro school last year? I hope it’s you and that you’re well,

  2. I’m sorry Caroline, I think I must have been mistaken. I really enjoy reading about your travels, thanks for the blog,

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